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Live in this day...

I am trying to up my game on this mind set because it is Fall and I have a tendency to miss all of the joy of crisp air, colorful trees, warm your belly soups, boots and sleeves … all because I am busy dreading winter. My next goal is to no longer dread winter.

“Live in this day” - I have heard a variation of this statement from every self-enrichment book, blog and motivational speaker I’ve engaged with over the years. It’s a simple message and yet oh so difficult for me. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. There is stuff we carry around that keeps our past over bearing and ‘ good ole days’ that have us longing to go back in time.

Then there is all those tomorrows to worry about - or look forward to…….. Yep, there are just too many days on either side of ‘today’ to think about. Plus, there is a good argument to be made about the importance of learning from my past and planning for my future. How do I do this if I’m “living in this day”?

Well, based on a host of opinions and some significant personal reflection, I do this by making a mindful daily decision to be present as best I can. I also recognize that who I am has a lot to do with where I’ve been and so I allow myself time to look back. Case in point, David and I have been reminiscing to 17 years ago, Oct 1, 2000, when we were handed the keys to this office and installed the “Dow Chiropractic” sign on Elm street. Wow, 17 years - How grateful we are to all of you who have shaped us and our clinic!

Then there is looking ahead and planning – I think we would all agree that this is critical to growth and well-being. It excites, motivates and gives hope. So, I live in the day as best I can. I wake up and kiss my husband and pet the cats, I thank having this day while I sip my cup of coffee. I try to meditate for 5 whole minutes which usually turns into part prayer, part to do list. I journal a little. At bed I do it all again - sans coffee. Some days I do better than others ( which is also true of eating right and moving more and being kind) and I’m ok with that. Because the beauty of living in the day is that I get the chance to do it again tomorrow for as long as I inhabit this earth.

To today! Lezli

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