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QT, elastic waist bands and oxygen in the can

For the first time in 20 years we left MN for Thanksgiving to spend four days in the mountains of Colorado with our son, daughter in law, her mom and brother. It was an adventure that held a little uncertainty. We had not followed our son’s recommendation to physically prepare for the altitude and hiking. We were Viking fans who were spending a lot of togetherness with Packer loving “in laws” we did not know all that well (thankfully they weren’t playing each other) We were preparing our feast in an unfamiliar kitchen 10,000 feet above sea level. On top of all that, We didn’t have any trendy mountain attire…. As we drove to the airport at o dark thirty Thanksgiving morning we reflected on these uncertainties. Despite our excitement over the vacation holiday with Justyn and Shannon some apprehension set in.

It was a good time to say a prayer. “Lord, thank you for giving us the resources to spend this time with our kids in Colorado. Please get us all there safely and watch over all families traveling this Thanksgiving. Help us enjoy one another and maintain peace as we watch the Vikings win and the Packers lose. Lord, lift up our culinary endeavors and assure that we have a turkey baster, potato masher and none of our food explodes (which I read can happen in high altitudes). Also Lord, strengthen our lungs and legs so that we do not ruin this trip being hauled off the mountain on a stretcher. One last thing, make elastic waist bands and tunics fashionable in the Rocky’s. Amen”

I am so very blessed to say that our prayers were answered. We all got along beautifully through wins and losses, our meal was outstanding, I only almost passed out hiking (embarrassing that it was on our way to the condo – which was up a very steep hill) then discovered that oxygen is sold in the can at t shirt shops in town. Score! As for the wardrobe, none of us cared. We were too busy taking in the stunning mountain views.

Hope that your Thanksgiving was full of thanks and QT. Stay well, warm and generous of heart as you continue through this most wonderous time of the year.

Peace and Love, David and Lezli

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