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Weight Loss


At Dow Chiropractic we believe a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of a healthy mind and body. Body composition is a primary factor. Medical studies have shown, beyond any doubt, that the risk of most chronic and life threatening diseases increases substantially in persons who have an unhealthy body composition. Weight is one of the most obvious indicators. That is why our clinic is committed to helping people lose unwanted weight and improve their lifestyle. We have several programs designed to help with this process.


Our most aggressive program, The Trim Diet, replaces the very popular but now FDA banned HCG diet.  For those of you familiar with the HCG program, the guidelines and average results of ½ to a full pound of weight loss per day are the same.  The requirements are very specific so if you are interested in learning more please contact our office for details.


Keto OS.  is a “first of its kind” Exogenous ketone delivery drink.  This revolutionary, highly nutritional drink mix is based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.  Our bodies were designed to use ketones as an energy source. Ketones give you 38 per cent more energy than you can get from glucose.  As a result many people are seeing great fat loss results by drinking a keto os drink a day combined with paleo or ketogenic diet.


Clean 21.  For people looking to lose 5 -10 pounds the Clean 21 is a three week program that is pretty simple and effective.  Drink a delicious, nutrient dense protein shake along with quality core nutritional supplements and a clean (real food only) diet and commit to move at least 10 minutes a day( but 30 minutes is ideal).


Do a Detox. We encourage everyone to do a 6-10 day detox once a year ( or better,yet twice).  We offer several programs geared towards improving liver and kidney function and overall organ health.  A healthy liver is essential to effective fat loss and general well being.   

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