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What can I expect at my first visit?


You'll meet Dr. Dow after filling out some brief paperwork describing you, your health history and your health goals. Next, he will review your history and perform an exam. He'll study the way you turn and bend and may test your reflexes. These and other physical, orthopedic and chiropractic tests help to locate areas of your spine that could be the cause of your problem.


If we find that you'd benefit from consulting a different practitioner, we'll make the proper referral. Otherwise, we'll recommend a program of specific chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapies.


With a plan in place to fulfill your health goals, future visits will take 15 minutes. The purpose of these visits will be to locate and reduce your vertebral subluxations and monitor the healing process. You join millions who have enjoyed better health—without drugs or surgery. Welcome to our office! 

Will I have to have x-rays?


X-rays and other types of images can be helpful. Pictures of your spine, especially after trauma, can confirm our other findings and make your care more precise. We can tell if we need them after completing our other examinations.


How long until I feel better?


Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others discover it can take months, sometimes years. Every patient recovers at their own pace. Factors which can affect the healing process include your age, your overall health condition, muscle tone, diet and even your attitude.

When will I get my first adjustment?


A majority of our patients are adjusted on their first visit. Occasionally the initial exam warrants further imaging or diagnostics before providing structural care.

Will I receive medication for my pain?

No. Chiropractic doctors do not dispense drugs. Because we rely on natural methods, ask for directions on how to use ice to control any painful symptoms. Ice, when properly applied, can have an analgesic effect without the side effects associated with pain medications.

Your First Visit


Coming to a new clinic for the first time can be un-nerving, especially if you have never been to a chiropractic office before.  Below you'll find some information that will hopefully help ease your anxiety.  

Remember, we are here to help! 



Contact us TODAY to schedule your appointment!


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