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DOT Physicals & Pre-Employment Drug Screening


Time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need drug tests that provide fast and accurate results so you can make an offer before competitors do. Our process is designed using step by step protocols ensuring consistency and total electronic form completion during our collection process. We are able to test for five drugs of abuse and adulterants in 15 minutes or less. Our paperless program allows for more immediate, online results, giving you the results you need sooner.

A variety of reports are available: 

  • Test-Result Report: Search and display final test dispositions. Generate a certificate for any confirmed test result.

  • Summary Report: Select a specific date or date range and view a summary of the test results. You can export and use this data in other applications, such as Excel.

  • Turnaround-Time Report: View test-result turnaround time, from test completion to final results in your Inbox, on

  • Statistics Report: View drug-screen statistics for all non-DOT and DOT programs, including statistics by analytes and reason for the test.

  • DOT MIS Report: View instant, real-time statistics to create DOT MIS reports online.

Dow Chiropractic offers a diverse set of tools to address your specific requirements for DOT Program Managers.

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