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Nutritional Support


Supplements are an important adjunct to regular adjustments, a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Despite our best efforts it is very hard to get all the key nutrients we need to optimize our mental and physical well being through the foods we eat. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes can truly enhance your body’s ability to fight inflammation, boost immunity, digest, regulate hormones, detoxify, improve mood, increase energy and to sleep soundly...and a host of other critical functions.


At Dow Chiropractic we recognize that choosing the right supplements can be more than a little confusing. One of our primary goals as a health care provider is to help determine what key nutrients might be beneficial to your unique body and situation. Our team of professionals invest countless hours in and out of a classroom researching this broad and ever changing field. In addition we partner with only the top pharmaceutical grade manufacturers in the industry to ensure that the supplements you choose to take are of the highest quality.

One of the things I like most is not feeling like another number. Ashley and I have both learned a lot about nutrition and vitamins and Ella likes coming to "play". I count on Dow Chiropractic monthly to keep my entire family healthy.

Kevin S.

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